Getting started with GEO-PAK Hunt

Wherever you are, GEO-PAK Hunt offers you features you can use to help you plan, track, and recap your hunting adventures.


Use your personal computer at home and GEO-PAK Hunt web interface to plan your hunt.

You can create a Group and invite your friends to be members of the group. Once they confirm membership in your group via e-mail, you will be able to share information with each other, including pins, highlights, journal entries, etc. If your friends don’t have a GEO-PAK account yet, they can create an account and download the app. Newly registered users get a week-long free trial of the premium account.

Create your Areas on the map, drop Pins with information about Parking, Stands, and other objects you need.


When you are on the way to the hunting ground you can prepare shooting positions (Pins with expiration date) based on actual wind direction with more information. This work can be done on your tablet or phone so data is ready when the hunt starts.


Once you’ve left your car and switched to the hunting more, use your phone’s GEO-PAK Hunt app where all the information you have edited previously is synchronized. In GoHunt screen, choose the Hunt type and your role, and press START. The adventure is on and you can collaborate with your hunting group members in a safe way while enjoying the pleasures of the hunt.

All hunters can drop Pins, keep Journals, and share their Tracks.

If you have team members attend the hunt who didn’t plan it previously, they can join the group by entering the Group name and password.


Login anytime to the website to analyze and adjust your hunting data. For further processing, you can download a report with your information.

Share your hunting Journals on Facebook and build a report for the entire hunt event. You can even Replay the hunt, showing movements, journals, and messages.