Online & Offline Modes

You can work in two modes – online and offline – and depending on the mode you choose, you will have different abilities.

The default mode is online – If there is no internet user will be asked to try to connect to the server again or switch to Offline mode.

See description below how to cache data for Offline mode.

Own position Yes Yes
Group Position+ Yes No
Create Tracks Yes Yes
Group Tracks Yes No
Create Pin, Journal Yes Yes
Group Pin, Journal Yes Cached
Create Area Web No
Group Area Yes Cached
Communication Yes No
Planning Yes No


If you plan a trip to backcountry or somewhere where you won’t have access to the Internet connection, you can cache the data needed in advance.

Items available for offline caching: group, public, and official areas, pins, and journals. Cache them while you are online and use when you’re not connected to the Internet.


  • Select active Group in GoHunt screen
  • Go to Map and pan to the region on Map you want to cache.
  • You can check that they are downloaded from the server by looking into your lists.
  • Turn Off the GEO-PAK app
  • Turn On App at a remote spot. When you arrive at location without the internet you can work with cached data related to the Group

NOTE. We only cache content of the last position on the map.