If you are thinking whether you are fine with the free version of GEO-PAK Hunt or you’d like the Premium version, see what features you’d like.


  • Planning: sun / moon and weather / wind information
  • Real-time location tracking – see your own position
  • Create up to 10 pins and journals

PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION (and there’s more coming):

  • Augmented reality with real-time direction and distances to other participants, pins, and objects
  • Instantaneous Rangefinder: map key distances
  • Create new hunting groups and invite your friends
  • View live GPS tracking of all group members
  • Create up to 1,000 hunting areas/boundaries
  • Create up to 1,000 pins and journals and share with your groups
  • Rotate map according to compass
  • Save unlimited hunting path records

Still not sure? Activate your premium free trial (if you haven’t used it before) and try the full app’s abilities.

Want to learn more about Premium account? Read more here.