It is easy to configure additional features in the settings menu:

  • User settings
    • Change your name and password (not your e-mail address)
    • Purchase premium account
  • Language
    • Choose which language you want the app to be in. By default, the app uses the language of your phone settings (or English, if specific language is not available)
    • Currently, there are such options as English, Spanish, German, Danish, Russian, Polish, French, and Greek.
  • Measuring units
    • Measuring system (metric or imperial)
    • Temperature (Celsius or Fahrenheit)
  • Demo mode
    • Turn the demo mode on or off here to see what the app can do and what pins and areas you can create
  • Report issue or share your feedback with us
  • Share app link: do you like GEO-PAK Hunt? Spread the word around.
  • Rate the app: we work hard on being “second to none” and we value your rating.