To create a group, you need to open the main menu and then tap the “Groups” button. After that you will see the “Groups” screen. Tap “Create Group” and enter name,password of your group. > Tap “Ok”. After these actions, in the “My groups” list you will see the created group.


You can invite members  to your group. Open the “My groups” list and tap on the group in which you want to invite another user. Tap the “Invite” button, enter email address of user you want to invite and tap “Ok”.

Also you can invite a member from your contacts on phone. To do this, click the “Select from contact list” button on the “Invite” form.
Users will get an email with invitation. If they do not use GEO-PAK yet they will get the link to stores so they can install app.


To accept an invitation, you need to launch the application, open the “Menu” (you will see a notification at the “Groups” button), tap the “Groups” button and then open the “Invitations” tab.

In the list of invitations, tap the invitation you want to accept and tap on the “Accept” button.