The map is the central screen in the GEO-PAK apps. It contains numerous useful features and you can customize what you see on the map to fit your needs.


  • Navigation: Center / Explore / Compass direction
  • Status (Not ready, searching, animal down, SOS, and other)
  • Augmented camera
  • Zoom in and out


  • Check the wind direction & speed
  • Find out the weather forecast
  • Measure distances and areas


  • Synchronization indicator
  • GPS quality
  • Map options (satellite, terrain, hybrid)
  • Layers that control display of Pins, Journals, and Areas


Besides the app controls, the map itself has a lot of objects and information.

  • Your own position and direction
  • Others’ position, direction, speed, and status
  • Areas
  • Pins
  • Journals

You can get a DIRECTION TO pins, journal entries, and people on the map. Click on the pin or whatever you’re looking for on the map and choose “Direction to” for GEO-PAK Hunt to show you the way.


  • You can control what objects are shown on the map in Layers. For example, you can only have your pins and journals on the map or turn on Public pins to be shown.
  • You can go “Invisible” – click on the Go Hunt and turn off the visibility.
  • Group objects shown on the map depend on the Group you have chosen in the Go Hunt screen.


You can set various status updates depending on what you are currently doing. Options include:

  • Neutral
  • Not Ready
  • Ready
  • Searching
  • Dog
  • Animal down
  • Leaving
  • SOS

NOTE: Changing your status does not start a new track.


You can select the map that best fits your needs:

  • Normal (like a simple GPS navigator with street names)
  • Satellite (showing you the way the area looks like from above)
  • Hybrid (satellite map + street names)
  • Terrain (normal map + terrain added)


If you would like to add a pin or a journal to the map, use long tap (tap and hold for a second on the location).

  • Long tap
  • Select “New Pin Here” or “New Journal Here”
  • Follow the wizard to create the object

Want to see more information about the object? Tap on the object and then tap on “>” on the right to get more details.


Select the objects you want to see on the Map and in Camera mode.

  • Pins
    • ON / OFF
    • My / Group / Public / Official
  • Journals
    • ON / OFF
    • My / Group / Public / Official
    • Period of creation
  • Areas
    • ON / OFF
    • My / Group / Public / Official

HINT: Layer controls can confuse at first if you are not being careful in selection. Remember the dates for the selected Journals.

DIRECTION TO: You can use the function to help you finding a Pin, Journal or Person. Select an object from map or list and select function “Direction To”.