When you are ready to hunt…

Before you start a hunt, you need to select the following parameters:

  • GROUP: choose which group will you be hunting with (or on your own)
  • ROLE: choose which weapon you will be using or what your role will be (bow shooter / shotgun shooter / rifle shooter / hunting manager / beater / dog handler)
  • HUNTING TYPE: choose what type of hunt it will be (big game / upland game / waterfowl / furbearer)
  • VISIBILITY (visible for all or invisible)
  • OFFLINE MODE: if you are hunting in the backcountry without Internet or cell phone connection, make sure to download the maps to your phone and create GEOGrid pins to be able to know where your fellow hunters are.
  • SAVE BATTERY: to save your mobile device battery, turn on battery saving mode. The GPS quality will not be as good, but your mobile phone will work longer. If GPS precision is a must, then turn it off.