Areas are pieces of land (or water bodies) that are defined by boundaries.

In GEO-PAK Hunt, you can see two different types of areas:

  • Personal areas – either an owned or rented place to hunt. It can be owned by you or someone in your group.
  • Official areas – public areas for hunting.

You can create personal areas using the web interface of GEO-PAK Hunt.

HINT: If you need some waypoints for boundaries on the map, you can simply drop some pins as you walk around the location with your phone. You can also set an expiration date for those pins, so they disappear automatically.

Properties of an area: 

  • Area color (you can choose any color from 20 colors for your area, according to your liking)
  • Name of the area (name it properly, so that you will be able to easily identify what it is)
  • Description
  • Size (automatically calculated)
  • Perimeter (automatically calculated)
  • Official areas have more attributes, depending on the source


You create an area by clicking on some points around the area.

HINT. You can edit the boundaries by dragging points on the map. Also, if you need more points to control the shape, just drag one existing point and you will get more points.



  • Create New
  • Pan to location or search for it
  • Using your mouse or touchpad, choose the area you need by clicking / tapping on the boundaries’ points
  • Choose your area’s color
  • Enter your area’s name and description
  • Choose visibility (private / for selected groups / for your groups only / public)
  • Save


There are two types of areas that can be created with regards to function:

  • Hunting grounds
    • Hunting
    • Food
    • Water
    • Forest
    • Field
    • Desert
    • Meadow
    • Swamp
  • Grounds not for hunting
    • No hunt
    • Limitations
    • Sanctuary
    • Danger
    • Closed