How to hunt with friends without cell phone connection?


What is augmented reality camera?

If you have cell service, you can use augmented reality camera to see where your hunting buddies are. However, even without the connection, you can hunt together in offline mode using GEOGrid (think of Sea Battle game logic).


  • Create a pin in the area where you plan to hunt. The type of the pin is the GEOGrid (long tap on the place on the map, choose “Drop a pin”, and choose GEOGrid from Positions’ pins)
  • You will see the created pin on your map. When you need the grid, tap the pin and tap the icon that appears below the status with the grid).
  • Let your partners know what area you will be located in (for example, you choose to be in F6 and your partner can be in F4 – but, remember, this is not Sea Battle, so don’t sink any ships).


  • Prepare for your hunt while you have cell service (or wi-fi), so your app has the offline maps and grids ready.
  • If you will decide to leave the area you’ve chosen, use walkie-talkies to let your partners know where you are (in case you’re offline).

Enjoy the hunting adventure!