GEO-PAK Features


Access GEO-PAK’s best features right from your app’s home screen. 

Hunt Safe. Hunt Smart. Hunt GEO-PAK.


GEO-PAK Hunt’s interactive, user-friendly dashboard makes it easier for hunters to use the app in the field, while on the hunt. Users can access all of their favorite features from one home screen. From weather, wind, and optimal hunting forecasts to maps, tools, journals and group hunting options, GEO-PAK is with you through every step of your hunting adventure.

GEO-PAK was designed by hunters, for hunters. Users can drop pins in various spots to mark important locations, i.e. tree stands, ground blinds, food plots, trail heads, camp sites, etc. Tracking your hunt allows you to mark your trail and retrace your travels, all while keeping track and collaborating with other members of your hunting party. Cameras and Augmented Reality provide an enhanced visual experience and deeper knowledge of your hunting platform. And the ability to join groups, communicate with those groups, and share the group’s findings adds a safety element to your hunt that other apps can’t offer.

With customization and even more feature updates coming soon, you’ll want to bring GEO-PAK Hunt along with you on your hunts this season. Join the PAK and sign up for one of our premium subscriptions today!

GEO-PAK Hunt is packed with useful tools, created by a hunter for hunters.


Import pictures from online and offline trail cameras. The app does everything for you, you just need to select the animal. The background weather and moon information are added as well.


Activate alarms when crossing a border or getting too close to another member of your group. Alarms can also be based on sunrise and sunset times.


Mark some of your areas as a GEOFence and link it to your GEOAlarms to be notified once you’re close to the border.


Build and share your own grid on the map. Use this feature to plot other members’ position in offline mode in a simple and fast way. This unique feature requires users to previously be online and cached in the GEOGrid before.


Make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to the reservation of stands and areas. Book your hunt in advance.


Register all your observations, miss, woundings, and harvest. Add text and pictures as well as position and weather. Journals can be kept private or shared with your group or public.


Create a hunting report for a certain period of time, choosing which data to show. Print it or share on social media.


Record your tracks and build statistics for live and historical use. Share them with your groups and analyze your hunting events to understand members’ and dogs’ movements.


Use GEO-PAK Hunt for your personal hunt and share the experience with your hunting group. Invite your friends via email or join directly by using group name and password. Keep in mind that all your pins can be saved as individual, shared with your hunting group, or public for everyone to see.


Analyze your harvest and other journals to make statistics. Download the data for further processing or present your hunting report to the government.


Assign your trackers to GEO-PAK and use them in private or shared mode during the hunt. Trackers can be attached to dogs, hunters, or equipment. It is also possible to link your SPOT GPS tracker and use it as a normal tracker or a backup for your smartphone.


Enjoy the ability to use the app online as well as OFFLINE. No more dangerous unknown backcountry where apps don’t work. Our tools will help you navigate even without Internet.


Weather, the sun and moon information presented live or a forecast based on your location.


Upload and store the documents related to your hunting plans. Everything you need related to hunt is at your fingertips.


Watch a replay of your hunt, analyzing the movements and activities of the hunting group members.


Use the compass mode of the map to navigate in nature as well as to find other members and objects. Navigation also includes an option to follow a track, trail, path, road, or GEOFence.


Be in the right place at the right time – use GEOOptimal to determine, based on ratings, what, where, and when you should hunt.


Hunting as a group requires interaction. Communicate with one or more members or the entire team during the hunt in real time.


View public preloaded areas with linked information and build your own areas (or import them from various sources via KML files). Set boundaries for GEOAlarms and share it with your groups.


Take a look around and enjoy the map within the app. The map provides the base layer for all the instruments.


Analyze your stands and your own position to define the shooting direction and wind direction to choose your location based on the forecast where your scent might remain undiscovered.


See your own position and direction on the map. Select and share hunt type, role, and status with the team. See other members’ position, direction, and speed as well as their role and status in real time.


Trails, paths, roads, and fences can be added manually via import or by copying a track. Name them what you’d like to make it easy to remember afterward.


Mark and describe all your POI using icons, pictures, and advanced functions like the direction. Share with whoever you need to.


Augmented reality takes the information from your camera and adds a layer of information on top, so you can know the direction and distance to the other hunting group members and objects in real time.


We support 4 platforms so our users can choose the preferred one. Plan and Recap using the web, Hunt using your smartphone. Supported platforms: web, Android, iOS, and Windows Phones.


Handle your weapons and ammunition the German way – keeping track of everything. Assign it to your Journals and keep an eye on the ammunition stock.


Measure points, distance, and area. Import and export your objects as KML files via web interface. Use your smartphone to find exact position and direction to dropped yardsticks and windsocks in real time.


Keep track of your hunting ground, assign tasks to pins and follow up for the jobs to be done.